Brief History

In 2000 Hieu Jiang founded Aspen financial management and was aided by a friend and associate David Williams they began managing discretionary assets with a fundamental belief in capitalism and free capital markets. Having started the fund with just $20 million and his vision for a well-renowned fund capable of managing investor's funds in various asset classes ranging from real estate, forex markets, Oil, Gold, and Emerging technologies including Digital currencies & derivatives, while mitigating risk using well-structured strategies at various entries by our expert analysts the fund thrived & became a Billion dollar Fund. With David’s experience and the tenacity of Hieu, they were able to make great achievements. After the third year of inception, Mark Siegel came in as an expert marketer and strategist and with the efforts of this trio, Aspen financial management has since been on its way to the top. In a high inflation rate environment of the last decade, institutional investors have steadily increased their allocations to the Fund in a bid to achieve greater returns in a diversified Fund. We are interested in successful and transparent partners that will create high trading and investment volume for we are proud to help many customers to make revenue as we provide real-time market data from leading analytical agencies.

In Aspen, the security of your information& funds is of top most priority, hence we have provided 2FA to provide an extra layer of security as well as an efficient capital protection policy that reduces the risk involved to a great extent. We are in control of our investors experience as we operate using our own proprietary sophisticated trading technologies that allow us to react quickly to market trends and investors demands to regulate changes with no reliance on external technology.

Aspen financial management has contributed to the recognition of distinct investment strategies, we use these advancements as the foundation for a new series of strategies including Gap strategy, short selling, and flag pattern. We generate income for our clients by trading cryptocurrency using advanced techniques like futures (using long and shorts while maximizing leverage), arbitrage trading using specialized bots, investments in Binance launchpad projects, and polkastarter IDO amongst other lucrative strategies while having your funds protected.

Aspen financial management has had a very strong relationship with equity and funding providers since our inception, we have also had the experience of working across multiple sectors and offering a variety of full partner-led services from experienced professionals with a passion for working on initial public and exchange offerings, IDO’s, DAO’s, DEFI, blue-chip stocks, smart contract applications, corporate finance transactions, delivering transactions on the best all-around investments services ranging from acquisitions, MBO, Growth and capital development, replacement capital, real estates funding and arranging long term financing. Whatever the investment capacity you have in mind, Aspen is committed to providing you with a ladder to successful investments as we bring billionaire strategies to the average man's doorstep. As at 31st December 2021, as a Fund, we had $165 Billion under our direction on behalf of 37,000 investor clients and over 1,350 advisers. In a world filled with financial uncertainties and inconsistencies, the pandemic that triggered a historic stock market sell-off in March, shut down large sectors of the economy, and swallowed up millions of jobs, Aspen Financial has been dedicated to being a global brand in financial management services performing expectedly with its forecasts from previous years.

In addition, we have dedicated significant resources to the emerging field of behavioral finance to better understand not just the tools of Finance, but also how investors use these tools. Our research has led us to develop practical applications of behavioral finance in our portfolio management process, we urge you to join us on this path to success with Aspen by creating a Portfolio with us now.