A financial team that cares

Every member of our team focuses on making our clients and their families feel comfortable when discussing financial decisions that can potentially be stressful and could have a great impact on their lives.

A customized path for your life


We would be honored to learn more about your financial situation and discover the best way to tackle your financial crisis or meet your investment goals. With roots as an institutional fund, Aspen Financial Management provides the same institutional caliber expertise to individuals. This means every investor gets a disciplined investment strategy along with our unique, high-touch client service. We help individuals and families assess their unique personal situations, plan for the long term and invest to meet their goals. From financial planning to retirement plans through a tailored approach, we always put our client's needs first.
Our steady counsel helps clients stay on track, even when markets are choppy or life is unpredictable. We provide a tailored approach to investment management and financial planning that always puts clients first. This starts with a comprehensive assessment of every client's financial situation. We devote enough time to understand our client's personal financial condition, long-term goals, and investment objectives before making any recommendations. We utilize that information to craft a portfolio specifically for them. Over time, client's portfolio may change based on personal circumstances or our forward-looking views of the market. We offer a comprehensive set of financial planning, retirement planning, and portfolio management services.

Portfolio Management

We don’t sell cookie-cutter portfolios. We take the time to understand your individual goals and needs and build a tailored portfolio to help you meet your objectives. And we regularly check in on anything that may have changed.

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Retirement Planning

We take a comprehensive approach to retirement planning that will prioritize your goals and develop an all-inclusive strategy to achieve those goals.

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Financial Planning

Women who are single, widowed, or divorced face the challenge of identifying the needs that must be addressed today, while setting and working towards goals for tomorrow.

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Tailored Investment Approach

We would help you meet your longer-term goals with a tailored investment strategy that’s specifically designed for you because we believe an informed investor is a better investor and a happier client.

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Open and Honest Discussions

We take the time to understand your personal and financial circumstances as well as identify any goals you may have.

Creating a Financial Picture

Once we have gathered your information, we will integrate your financial pieces into a comprehensive plan that maximizes your potential for meeting your life goals.

Having a Plan in Place

We present the plan to you and go over each of our recommendations. Your feedback is encouraged, and we can make any changes to the plan, if needed.

Making your Goals a Reality

After making sure each piece of the plan is in place, we continue to monitor your progress. We will keep in touch with you on any significant life changes that may impact your financial plan.

Our fee-only, non-commission approach means we have your best interests at heart.

Certified Financial Planners

Aspen financial management employs only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificants, which means we have the experience and knowledge to effectively plan your financial future.

What People Say



C. Lovett


I have been an investor with Aspen financial management for about a year and nine months now. While it's too early to say how my investment will turn out in the long run, I will attest that I am impressed by the company's level of due diligence and its professionalism and open communication. All questions I've ever had, I've gotten answers to. I'm comforted by the fact Aspen financial management seems to put investors' interests first.

Gary Adamson


"Since investing with Aspen financial management we have worked together to get a clear understandable plan for our future which gives me confidence and security knowing what kind of lifestyle I can lead. In addition, we have seen gains in our portfolio in a short space of time which is a reassuring indicator. Our meetings are consultative and personal with all decisions made after full discussion and clear explanation.”

James Anderson


i have been with Aspen financial management for six years now and all i can say is that Aspen has a great client relationship and service which allows us to connect, confide and also collaborate in planning and managing our finances through our Joint investment account. It has been a great pleasure to work with Aspen financial management and i would gladly recommend them.

Nettie B.Sarah


I have invested with Aspen financial management since 2009. They have proven to be knowledgeable and professional in all my dealings with them. The firm's disciplined approach, a keen eye for value, attention to detail, and superior execution place them at the top of my list. I have full confidence in their honesty and integrity, and I look forward to partnering with them again.

Charles S. Macaluso


“Like many people, I spend the majority of my time planning for my business but pay little or no attention to my finances. Aspen financial management has developed a personal plan for me that allows me to take much greater control of my financial affairs, and plan for the future. Everything now makes much more sense, and I only wish I had got in touch with Aspen financial management sooner!”

Chirag Beharry


“Working with Aspen financial management has been like working with an extension of our family business. Their strong business ethics and integrity is top-notch and has made our working relationship very pleasurable and efficient.”

Mary and William S.


Aspen financial management guided me through the process of making a sound financial decision for our family. Most importantly, they took the time to make sure we understood every aspect of the transaction until we felt 100% comfortable.